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Wooha – Lager

From the macro and to the micro with Scotland’s Wooha Brewing Company with their amusing and instantly recognisable labelling.
What’s more interesting for this all female brewery is that their beers were at one point available to buy from none other than Aldi as part of a Summer Beer Festival range back in 2015.
With a number of awards and certifications, Wooha are definitely one to watch South of Scotland.

Wooha detail their lager as being “Bright and light, not too hoppy or bitter and balanced”.
With the guarantee of all their beers being 100% natural, vegan friendly and naturally carbonated, Their lager is a 6% ABV, bottle conditioned and one that I’m really looking forward to tucking into.

Taste time!

From the bottle, Wooha Lager poured with a light golden colour. Being well carbonated from the bottle, the beer produces a small white head which holds itself pretty well after a glug or two.
It was a little cloudy but as with most crafts, this doesn’t detract from the flavour at all.
The aroma had a hint of pear along with a yeasty, almost wheat beer aroma to it came across in the beer flavour.
A touch of fruit and malt flavour which lead into a clean and smooth bitterness at the end.
Well balanced and a pleasure to drink.

Since I opened my Beer52 box, this is the one I’ve been looking forward to trying most.
I’m not sure if it was pint glass bull face or the fact that I love a good hopped up lager, but either way I wasn’t disappointed.
Not as hopped up as I was expecting but it makes sense that Wooha were going more for balance than the extremities.
I really look forward to finding out more about Wooha and their range.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Wooha Lager.


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