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Rogue – American Amber Ale

Amber Ale • 5.1 % ABV • Newport, Oregon USA

My next beer comes from a brewery who are ticking all the right boxes here in the UK.
Originally founded back in 1988, they have built quite the business for themselves by brewing and producing a range of products outside of just beers.
Through their distillery, they have a range of vodkas, gins and whiskeys.
Rogue Fruit Salad Cider is their take on the cider market which uses a mixture of home-grown ingredients as well as fresh fruit found in and around the Oregon area.
You can even find a range a sodas if alcohol isn’t your thing.

Its great to see that rogue are open about the ingredients that are packed into each of their beers. This includes some of their own trademarked malts and hops too.
Rogue’s American Amber Ale has been described as “A perfect embodiment of an American Amber Ale” by World Beer Championship Judges.
A buddy in work tried the same beer only yesterday, and said it was “Absolutely Beautiful”.
The tasting notes describe the beer as offering a toffee aroma, a delicate roasted malt accent with generous use of hops and a smooth finish.
The hype on this one has been pretty full on, I’ve got high hopes. Lets crack it open.

The beer was medium amber in colour and produced a 1cm white head. Plenty of lacing was left on the way down and plenty of foam on the surface which kept it looking lively and able to hold its own. There was a touch of haze but with all of the above, it still looked pretty darn tasty.
The aroma was that of roast malts and toffee along with a touch of hopped up spiced fruits. Fresh and full on.
A biscuity caramel flavour led into sweet toffee whilst plenty or rich fruits such as raisins & dates kicked in with a little spice and finished up with a good, dry bitterness.
The American Amber Ale is rich in flavour and medium in body. The level of carbonation is perfect for the style and allows the flavour of the beer to really shine through.
Rogue certainly didn’t disappoint with this beer and its worth the hype!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Rogue’s American Amber Ale.


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