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Hello and welcome to the Around The World Blog.

Our blog is hosted by Neil Kiddie, who back in February won our competition to become the official #Biertaster. All it took was a thirst for beer, a large accumulation of bottle caps and a little luck. Neil has a real passion for beer having worked in the industry for some time and brewed his own for over 2 years now.  Having been fortunate to try a range of weird and wonderful brews, he will be sharing his experiences of all things beer related ranging from new discoveries, brewery tours, festivals and any interesting news coming from within the industry. Comments are welcome and we look forward to hearing your experiences. Keep an eye out for our competitions with prizes ranging from brewery tours to bar tabs to be won. All reviews are Neil’s own. We hope you enjoy reading.

Saugatuck Brewing Co. – ESB Amber

1st June 2016

Fennville in the US is where you will find Saugatuck Brewing Company, the brewer for my next beer. ESB Amber comes in at 5.5% ABV and is described as being a British style bitter which comes loaded with a balance of nine malts matched perfectly with a hint of smooth hops. Lets see if it […]

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Gaffel Becker & Co. – Gaffel Koelsch

Hailing from Cologne in Germany, the next beer I’ve set my sights on is Gaffel Koelsch from Privatbrauerei Gaffel Becker  & Co or Private Brewery Gaffel Becker & Co if you like your German in English. Its described as being a fresh specialty beer from cologne which is brewed to a time-honoured family recipe following […]

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The Celt Experience – Silures

30th May 2016

Sticking with Celt beer and moving onto beer number two as part of my Wednesday #biertaster session. This time I’ll be trying the more sessionable Silures at 4.6%. One more firm favourite of mine from Celt and another IPA which has been infused with pine as well as being powerfully hopped god damn it! What […]

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The Celt Experience – Brigid Fire

The middle of the week is here and as usual, its #biertaster time. Today I’m going to try two beers from one of my all time favourite breweries based in Caerphilly here in the green, green grass of Wales. First up will be their take on a smoked rye IPA called Brigid Fire. Coming in […]

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Mittenwalder – Berg Pils

Sticking with Mittenwalder, I’m going to try something lighter and a little more on the refreshing side. Berg Pils is their take on a pilsner which clocks in at a 4.7% ABV. Through a rough translation, I was able to get this official notation on the beer. The translation however was a little flawed. This […]

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Mittenwalder – Jager Dunkel

Its time for another  #biertaster session.  This time I’m heading to the South of Germany, to the county of Werdenfels. Here you’ll find the Mittenwalder brewery who produce a range of traditional German beers from the Dunkel to the Weisse and are apparently the highest altitude brewery still in private hands since 1808. The beer […]

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Peroni V Menabrea

20th May 2016

Peroni has developed a huge name for itself worldwide with its Nastro Azzuro lager, launched back in 1963 being instantly recognisable in a wide range of pubs, clubs and more. With a brand so recognisable, its easy to forget that other premium beers exist and are able to offer a similarly enjoyable beverage, if not […]

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Oval Beach Blonde Ale

What am I drinking? Moving into lighter territory but sticking with the American theme, I’m heading over to Michigan and trying out an Oval Beach Blonde Ale by Saugatuck Brewing Company. This time, a blonde beer giving yet another 5.0% volume and providing the following tasting notes:- An easy drinking light ale with subtle malt […]

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Copperhead Ale

4th May 2016

What am I drinking? To celebrate the start of the weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to try a beer from the kind guys at Around The World as the resident #biertaster. The first offering is a Copperhead Ale by Fordham Brewing Company from Dover, Delaware in the United States. An amber style beer, […]

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