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Hello and welcome to the Around The World Blog.

Our blog is hosted by Neil Kiddie, who back in February won our competition to become the official #Biertaster. All it took was a thirst for beer, a large accumulation of bottle caps and a little luck. Neil has a real passion for beer having worked in the industry for some time and brewed his own for over 2 years now.  Having been fortunate to try a range of weird and wonderful brews, he will be sharing his experiences of all things beer related ranging from new discoveries, brewery tours, festivals and any interesting news coming from within the industry. Comments are welcome and we look forward to hearing your experiences. Keep an eye out for our competitions with prizes ranging from brewery tours to bar tabs to be won. All reviews are Neil’s own. We hope you enjoy reading.

Einstök Ölgerð – Einstök Icelandic White Ale

5th July 2016

Wit Beer • 5.2% ABV • Akureyri, Iceland I’m going through something of a Wheat (Wit) beer phase at the moment. Having had the Opal Cloudy Wheat on the weekend & Vesterbro Wit last week. To believe there was actually a time when I couldn’t really stomach anything more than traditional beer styles. How times have changed! My next beer […]

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Hillside Brewery – Over The Hill

3rd July 2016

Mild Ale • 3.5% ABV • Longhope, England Another beer from the depths of the cupboard and some something with a classic style again from Beer52. Hillside brewery are big on producing small batch yet high quality beers following traditional methods. Using a range of local heritage hops and ingredients from around the world, they want to change […]

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Hart Family Brewers – Opal (Cloudy Wheat)

Wheat Ale • 5.5% ABV • Wellingborough, England With a collection of bottles building up in my beer cupboard, I thought it would be a good idea to reach into the back and see what gems are lurking back there. From a previous Beer52 delivery, I was able to find a wheat beer from a brewery that […]

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Mikkeller – Vesterbro Wit

30th June 2016

Wit Beer • 4.5% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark   Sticking with Mikkeller and yet another beer from my recent Beer52 delivery. On top of their ability to produce outstanding and interesting beers, the artwork that sums up Mikkeller is really something else too. The artist\designer & full time art director for Mikkeller, Keith Shore is responsible for the vibrant […]

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Mikkeller – Vesterbro Pils

Pilsener • 5.6% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark   From my recent Beer52 delivery and all the way from Demark, my next beer is a regular staple at the Mikkeller bar found in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen. Mikkeller are not one to sit back and produce the same thing time and time again. Their aim has always been to […]

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Brasserie d’Achouffe – Houblon Chouffe

Have I got a gem of a review for you today courtesy of the guys at Bierkeller. This beer originates from the small village of Achouffe in Belgium and is brewed by Brasserie d’Achouffe who have what I believe to be a pretty recognisable logo and marketing tool at their disposal. This comes in the […]

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Wooha – Lager

22nd June 2016

From the macro and to the micro with Scotland’s Wooha Brewing Company with their amusing and instantly recognisable labelling. What’s more interesting for this all female brewery is that their beers were at one point available to buy from none other than Aldi as part of a Summer Beer Festival range back in 2015. With […]

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Baltic Beer Company – Viru

My Next beer originates from Estonia and was brewed by Le Coq Brewery. The beer itself comes bottled in a pretty fancy bottle which is based on a 100 year old Imperial Russian Design, based on the medieval turrets found in Estonia. A little further delving sees Viru discontinued by its current brewer around 2006 […]

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Dockyard Distillers – Bootlegger Prohibition Beer

20th June 2016

I’ve had this bottle of Bootlegger Prohibition Beer in my fridge for some time now and honestly I’ve been a somewhat afraid of cracking it open and giving it a taste. Its one of those beers that you find in the craft section of your favourite supermarkets and is overshadowed by the Hardknotts, Brewdogs and […]

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Founders Brewing – Centennial IPA

2nd June 2016

My next beer comes all the way from Grand Rapids, United States and from the brewery known only  as Founders Brewing Co. With a plethora of awards under their belts including six world beer cup medals, four European Beer Star Medals and being listed in the top one hundred beers of the world on, […]

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