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Honest Brew – The Howler

The 1st of December is finally upon us, and I’ve got the perfect secret Santa idea for your beer loving work colleagues or a really neat stocking filler that will tick all the boxes.

I give you, the Honest Brew Howler in all of its beery glory!


What is a Howler

Growlers are pretty cool.
A vessel that gives you the freedom to order a beer from your local bar or brewery and take it home with you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Honest Brew have taken inspiration for their Howlers from the traditional Growler and kicked it up a notch.
A sturdy and well put together tube that allows you to take your favourite craft beer in its freshest contained form, along with a couple of snacks where you want, when you want.

The cans are perfect for sealing out light and oxygen meaning that your beer will remain fresh for longer. The cans themselves are also light weight when compared with glass bottles.
The shape of the cans makes them easy to stack meaning that they can be loaded into a tube or Howler and taken with you most anywhere – Within reason of course.

Honest Brew offer a range of Howler options which can be loaded up in one of two ways.

The first option includes two cans of craft beer and two packs of Proper Corn – Crunch Corn.
The perfect combination of delicious beer goodness and a snack that takes addictive to a whole new level!

Alternatively, you can opt for the three can option of craft beer. No Proper Corn here, just three cans of expertly selected beer to be enjoyed at your leisure. Wherever and whenever.

The first option typically comes in at around £4.90 whilst the second option ranges between £6.40 and £8
Shipping comes in at £3.49 within the UK, but you can easily get value from this by ordering an unlimited number of Howlers for one shipping charge

All About my Howler

My Howler came loaded up and packaged with two slips of tape holding everything together for safe delivery.
The sturdy nature of the Howler meant that not even the delivery company themselves could ruin the container, its contents or the amazing artwork.

The artwork found on the Howler itself is by London-based artist and illustrator Dave Smith. Also Known as Hatch.
According to Honest Brew, Hatch mixes bold line work with highly details patterns and tones to create eye-catching graphic compositions.
I swear every time I look at the artwork for both the Howler and the craft beer advent calendar, I make out something or someone different.
Great designs that really stand out.
Really makes you want to crack out the colouring pencils!

With the tape removed, I was able slide up the outer tube to reveal two packs of Proper Corn – Crunch Corn in a rock salt flavour at the top.
I angled the Howler and out popped two cans of Five Points Brewing – Five Points Pils


Proper Corn – Crunch Corn is the probably one of the best beer snacks I’ve had in a long time.
The corn kernels are only half popped, meaning that you get less traditional fluffy corn and more crunchy, hardy corn – ripe for the eating!

Two packs of pink Himalayan rock salt flavoured corn were included. The level of salt is balanced well and not over powering at all.
The Five Points Brewing – Pils and the Proper Corn Crunch Corn packs are literally a match made in heaven.
Believe me when I say they didn’t last long at all.

I often pop my own corn and look forward to the solid, partially popped kernels left at the bottom of the container.
I’m not only pleased that these can be sourced so easily but also that I’m not the only one that enjoys a good crunch from their corn.

Four pairings can be found at Honest Brew which include the rock salt flavour I had, as well as salt & pepper flavour, salt & Vinegar flavour and smoky Chilli.


Five Points Brewing have created quite the refreshing and quite the tasty Five Points Pils.

Packed with energy, the straw coloured beer produced a lively head which sits around for some time after pouring. Lots of bubbles rise from the base of the glass giving this Pils a really inviting look about it.
Noble hops help to give the Pils a floral yet spicy aroma whilst the malts throw a slightly sweet graininess in the mix. Although subtle, the spiciness gave this certain elements of traditional wit.
The flavour mirrored the aroma, bringing in lots of hoppyness at the start which fades out quickly to leave a subtle and really smooth bitter finish.
There is more floral and spicy action in the flavour along with a clean and crisp, light malt.

Five Points Pils is a freaking tasty Pils which goes down with absolute ease.
Crisp, dry and refreshing – everything a top quality Pils should offer and more.

Did I mention that the Pils pairs really well with the Crunch Corn?

What did I Think?

I’m sold on the idea of Howlers and have Honest Brew to thank for that.
Of course Proper Corn and Five Points Brewing can take some credit for their delicious offerings.

The containers are really sturdy and well constructed. This means that not only can they survive postage but would be great to take a few cans with you on long haul train journeys, transporting beers to your mates for parties or a couple of easy ones to go with a summer picnic\BBQ – The list is endless.
In my case, I’ll be wrapping a Howler up and giving it as a secret Santa gift.
I’ve no doubt at all that she will enjoy the gift and maybe be a convert of the Howler herself.

Howlers are an affordable way to offer the gift of beer. Maybe even introduce others to the world of craft beer, one Howler at a time.
With the range of options available, your almost certain to find something that suits your taste buds and preferences.

They have most certainly given me something to “Howl” about!

Ideas for the leftover tubes

So, you went and got yourself a Howler.
Now that the beer and snacks are gone, you’re left with an empty tube.
What on earth can you do with such a strong, sturdy and useful tube like the Howler?

  • You can always store the Howler away somewhere safe until you need to transport some newly purchased cans.
    Hell, they would be perfect to carry your soft drink cans too.
    The cardboard may even help to insulate the cans a little (don’t quote me on that!)
  • The fine artwork by Hatch on the Howler itself could be used as a colouring project for yourself or your kids.
    There is enough detail on there to keep you occupied for hours.
  • The Howler tubes might be really useful to roll up and protect some of your smaller magazine posters or protecting some limited print magazines themselves.

If  you liked my review and want to try one of the Howlers – you can get them at Honest Brew!



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