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Hart Family Brewers – Opal (Cloudy Wheat)

Wheat Ale • 5.5% ABV •
Wellingborough, England

With a collection of bottles building up in my beer cupboard, I thought it would be a good idea to reach into the back and see what gems are lurking back there.
From a previous Beer52 delivery, I was able to find a wheat beer from a brewery that I haven’t come across before. It even came in a 500ml bottle which we are seeing less and less of these days.
Lets have a closer look at the brewery and the beer itself.

Hart Family Brewers pride themselves producing ‘Pure Beer’ through the use of top quality ingredients including purely British grains and hops. Although their range is smaller than most, it means they can focus on consistency and quality every time.
They also have a focus on being green by using lightweight bottles (20% lighter than traditional bottles) aswell as “Green Casks” which follow similar properties to ensure less energy is used in their production, transportation and in the end, recycling.

Hart Opal is described as a cloudy wheat beer which used around a half and half mixture of malted barley and wheat malt. Cascade hops should give plenty of citrus notes whilst the grains should offer a refreshing beer complete with a rich texture.

One quick hiss after popping the cap and the beer was poured into the glass.
Opal pours with a deep golden colour and is as cloudy as its namesake. It built up a 1cm tall topper which lingers and clings to the glass well.
From the first pour, floral and fruity aromas were really prominent which led to a more traditional wheat beer finish. Imagine spiced apples and you’re on the right path.
The flavour offered a little spice and fruit which leads nicely into a wheaty bitterness.
It would be better to suggest that Opal is actually really well balanced.
although Opal has plenty of body, the carbonation helps to produce a crisp and refreshing sensation.
I really enjoyed this beer and it far exceeded my expectations. Not sure why I took so long to crack it open.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Opal.


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