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Dugges Bryggeri -The Black Currant (Nordic Sour)

Sour/Wild • 4.5 % ABV • Landvetter, Sweden

My next brewskie comes from over in Sweden but I was lucky (And I mean lucky) enough to find one in a Brewdog bottlebox delivery just before Christmas.

The Black Currant is brewed by Dugges Bryggeri who started brewing in 2005 and was brought on by Mikael Dugge Engström.
Things kicked off with an American pale ale loaded with Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe which is still brewed today and hugely popular.
Dugges Bryggeri brew plenty of top fermented beers and have won various medals across a number competitions
The Black Currant is described as a sour beer fermented with blackcurrant. The sour taste comes from the use of lactobacillus which is a friendly bacteria found in yogurt.
Let’s get the cap popped shall we?

The glass is filled with a sour beer, ruby red in colour and perfectly clear. A small pink head forms which settles quickly but lingers around the edges.
With the bottle freshly popped, you can really make out aromas from the barrel along with really sour fruit. Once poured, the aroma really settles and rounds off.
You can still make out the sour fruit, but the blackcurrant aroma comes to the forefront as well as a little sweetness towards the end. A fantastic aroma and nearly on par with Ribena.
The flavour kicks in with the sour/tart berry fruit then leads into full on berry freshness from the blackcurrant – A really well-rounded and juicy blackcurrant flavour.
As the intensity starts to settle, you start to pick up a sweetness by way of retro-nasal along with the sourness on the tongue. This again brings about the Ribena similarities.
The Black Currant is lightly carbonated and light in texture giving a lip puckeringly sour freshness as well as a juicy flavour.

A fantastic beer which really emphasises the use of blackcurrant whilst mixing plenty of sour with a little balance of sweetness.
The sweeter blackcurrant flavours really bring back childhood memories of its non alcoholic Ribena cousin!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Dugges Bryggeri and their Black Currant Nordic Sour.


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