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Brewdog – Bourbon Baby

Scotch Ale • 5.8 % ABV • Abverdeenshire, Scotland


Yet another week down and a moment to kick my feet up and get another #biertaster session underway.
With the release of Dead Pony Club in a new live beer offering and further news still to come, my next beer comes from a craft brewery company who aren’t afraid to do things differently.
Brewdog are building a brilliant reputation for their unique marketing ideas including a release of the recent Born To Die beer complete with Donor card beer mats, An Equity for Punks scheme which saw members invest upwards of £19m in the latest round and offering an Employee of the Month award to one of their staff members, Graeme Wallace, for printing the phrase Mother F***er Day on nearly 200,000 cans in a recent production prank.
It will be interesting to see what else they come up with.

My next beer was a huge hit back in 2014 and continues to do well when it comes to #ReBrewdog polls. As a result, it was brought back from the dead and supplied in a recent mixed crate that I recevied from Brewdog.
Bourbon Baby is a complex scotch ale, aged in bourbon barrels and offers up toasted shortcake and blossom honey flavours with a dark vanilla twist from the barrel ageing. Other flavours should include spiced fruity, chocolate and raisins.
Sounds like this beer is going be a cheeky gem. Lets rock and roll!

I opted for a Teku glass which I topped up with the deep brown beer. This formed a 1 cm off white foamy head whose fine bubbles gave a smooth look and clinged to the side of the glass as it quickly settled.
The rich aroma gave plenty of sweet vanilla along with coffee roast and a little smokiness to round it all off.
Although lighter in body than I expected, it still contained plenty of flavour including dark fruit like cherries and sweet raisin. A smooth roast bitterness carried your taste buds gently to the end leaving you with a subtle and pleasant finish.
Compared with some of the really hardcore barrel aged beers, this is really easy drinking and makes the style far more accessible without being too over bearing.


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