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Honest Brew Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Winner

December has arrived in all its cold and foggy glory, but some good has come of the beginning of this festive month.
We have ourselves a winner for the Honest Brew Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Now sold out and bringing joy to beer lovers the country over!


The Prize was a huge craft beer advent calendar from Honest Beer and courtesy of Around The World.
24 vast and varied beer from around the world all packed into a box of epic proportions along with some secret snacks for good measure.
I’m on day two of a personal box and have found some absolute treats.

Firstly, I just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone that entered and submitted their answers for the question:
What has been your worst Christmas present to date & why?

Across the three Social Media networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) we received 36 answers and there were some great ones.
The quality of the answers made it very difficult to pick the definitive winner.
We were in stitches as we worked through them all.

Some Of Our Favourites

Dan Johnson (Facebook) – I once received a Nickelback album. That was a dark year.

William Machin (Facebook) –  I once received a She-Ra annual, when I was all about He-Man. Struggled to feign enthusiasm and gratitude for that one!

Gwladits Night (Twitter) – A pine toilet roll holder and toothbrush holder. I was 19 and still living with my parents…

Daniel (Twitter) – Last Christmas I was bought a knitted Willy Warmer. It had a drawstring and everything! The worst part, it was from Mum and Dad!

Richard Dean – (Twitter) – worst present ever. Simple a clarinet instead of a Death Star #educationbeforechildhood

A Special Mention

We had to give a shout out to Lily Waite for her answer. We literally relived the moment with her.
Lily Waite (Facebook) – The tale of my worst present is one like no other.

An ordinary Christmas morning; enjoying the rounds of gift giving, until my brother handed me a neatly wrapped present. Excited, I looked eagerly into his eyes before ripping off the paper. There it lay.
A selfie stick. The viral, vital tool for any self-respecting tourist w**ker. A slight chuckle from my brother brought my out of my stunned daze. Part ironic gift, part genuine, the revulsion I felt in the pit of my stomach was unrivalled. Or so I thought. You see, shortly after, I began playing with it, ironically, of course. Just to see what would happen, if I did this, or that with it.
However, the seething hatred I felt in the pit of my stomach began to lessen, as I realised with horror that I was beginning to… enjoy.. using the Bluetooth-enabled, two-pronged, shiny silver elongated turd that is the selfie stick. The direction of my hate began to change, turning inward.
The reason that 2014, The Year Of The Selfie Stick, was not only the year I received the worst present, but also the worst Christmas I’d ever had. Why? Because I became a selfie stick wielding, ugg boot-wearing, Starbucks Skinny pumpkin latte-drinking, basic tourist.

Onto Our Winner

Chris Fletcher (Facebook) – I think the worst present I ever got was probably when my wife bought me a wing mirror for my Ford Fiesta. Not because it was an unimaginative, horrible present, but because the car died 2 weeks before Christmas so not only was it never used, but also because it stood and it still stands as a lasting reminder of the dead car I loved and all those objects that never had the opportunity to appear closer than they are. It still hurts.


We chose this one as the winner because we really felt for him.
A really thoughtful gift bought for him by a loved one, reduced to sad memory and a lasting reminder of his dead car.

We felt we had an opportunity to change lives with this prize.
So when Chris from West Yorkshire thinks about that tragic day, he can pleased with the fact that it earned him a months worth of awesome craft beer.
Congratulations Chris!

I hope everyone has a fantastic December and a merry Christmas.

Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions soon.


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