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The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Halloween has been and gone, bringing with it the a selection of great horror films, dodgy costumes and sugar. So much sugar!
Well, aside from the sugar there was actually some pretty special beers to crack open in the form of ‘The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’, a collaboration effort by legendary breweries Beavertown & To Øl.

A few weeks back, my wife surprised me after a beer tasting session with the purchase of said pack containing two beers, born out of the same mash tun and bastardised to create two polar opposite beers.
One light, one dark – Good Vs Evil – Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

We decided that before settling down to a spooky horror film, we would have a beer tasting session of our own and really make the most of these beers.
They really suited the Halloween theme and I’m glad we made an event of the tasting as these beers were mind blowing.

Dr Jekyll is described as having a smooth and gentle mannered character. Using the same Scottish yeast strain as found in Mr. Hyde but refined. It is barreled with Brett and sour greengages then brought together with a lactic acid bacteria called Lactobacillus, gooseberries and Muscat. A beer kept on the light side.

Mr. Hyde on the other hand is bold, dark and developed from the same wort that Dr Jekyll was produced from. An addition of dark roasted malts, smoked malts, molasses and hops. Its then aged in Speyside whisky casks to develop a flavour or personality like its namesake. Dark, oh so dark.

This is what we thought of the beers aswell as few additional snaps of the packing itself.

Dr Jekyll • Barrell Aged, Bretted Belgian Pale Ale • 7.1 % ABV

Dr Jekyll is pale gold in colour and cloudy through and through. It produces a very small white head which settled almost instantly.
The aroma is made up primarily of sour gooseberries and apple with a light, yet sweet maltyness. The malt elements also fives a light caramel and cracker element.
Imagine the aroma of a tart and dry cider.
Complexity is the name of the game with the flavour.
It starts out really dry with sour fruit flavours. Next comes a candy sweetness with a touch of caramel, much like a syrup or candy apple shell.
Finally, you settle on a lasting tart bitterness at the end.
Dr Jekyll has a medium\light body with a real smoothness considering the crisp and tart flavours. The dryness gives an astringency which is neither unpleasant nor overpowering.

I really enjoyed this beer as it was really different and complex with its range of flavours. Dr Jekyll has been brewed cleverly to balance the dry and sour flavours with the candy and sweet flavours.
A great beer that really stands out and packs a punch!

Mr Hyde • Smooth, Complex Chocolatey Imperial Stout • 13.7 % ABV

Mr Hyde is a rich and deep brown colour. On pouring it didn’t produce too much of a head though there were some tan bubbles around the edge of surface.
The aroma was far more malt forward than its lighter variation, making way for smokiness, rich chocolate and a malt sweetness. With a little agitation, I was able to make out a light fruit hoppiness too.
The flavour is on another level. Spicy licorice and molasses get the ball rolling, leading to a sweet whisky peatiness and ending with a light hoppy bitterness.
On swallowing, you are left with a warming sensation and a cheeky, smooth chocolate flavour which lingers at the back of the throat. Complex yet again.
Mr Hyde has a rich and smooth body with next to know carbonation at all, even after a little swirling. No astringency but a warming sensation as a result of the high ABV and the time spent in those casks.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer too. Not as different as Dr Jekyll but really complex taking you through rounds of varying aromas and flavours.
Smoky, spicy, sweet and luxurious. Truly a beer to behold!

Overall Impression

Both my wife and I were blown away by the quality and standard of these beers.
Both offered unique taste experiences taking you on a roller-coaster of aromas, flavours and sensations.

Strangely, both beers really complimented each other yet competed with each other for dominance. This is a total contradiction, but you really have to try them for yourself to really make sense of this.
Neither dominates the other but they cleverly balance, changing the flavour profile of eachother. Helping you to make out the finer flavours and elements you may have missed.

Seriously now, If you get a chance to buy a ‘Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’ case, then put the money down. You will not be disappointed

If you have had an opportunity to either of the two, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Dr Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.


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