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Mittenwalder – Jager Dunkel

Its time for another  #biertaster session.  This time I’m heading to the South of Germany, to the county of Werdenfels.
Here you’ll find the Mittenwalder brewery who produce a range of traditional German beers from the Dunkel to the Weisse and are apparently the highest altitude brewery still in private hands since 1808.

The beer I’ll be trying is called Jager Dunkel and comes in at a nice 5.2% ABV.
After some tricky manoeuvring of the website and cheeky auto scroll on the beer options, I’m able to give you the official rundown on the beer :-

“A beer form the old time, handycraft brewed with dark roasting malt. The heavy and spicy taste does not only inspire dark beer drinkers”.

The glass filled with a beer of medium brown colour and was perfectly clear. On pouring there was a fair amount of carbonation which produced a good sized and white coloured head which stuck around for some time.
The aroma offered plenty of deep roasted notes with a hint of coffee and dark forest fruits.
Jager Dunkel was much lighter in texture than I was expecting and was smooth, oh so smooth.
The flavours paired with the aroma perfectly. Roast malts provided touch of breadyness whilst the sweetness and the dark fruit provided a syrup flavour and mouth feel.
As a result of the smoothness, there is less bitterness and a touch more tanginess.

Mittenwalder’s Jager Dunekl was actually a really pleasant beer and an easy drinker.
Its not packed with overpowering hops and holds itself really well in terms of flavour. A really accessible beer that caters for the masses – myself included.
The deeper and darker flavours get more pronounced as the temperature rises.
I’ve had some terrifying German beers at a recent beer festival which I think tainted my expectations of this one. I’m glad that I bit the bullet early and gave it a early on.

I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer!

If you have been lucky to enough to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Jager Dunkel.


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