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Mikkeller – Keeper

American Pilsner • 5 % ABV • Brewed at Sly Fox Brewing, Pennsylvania, USA

My next beer comes from one of my favourite breweries with some of the most recognisable artwork in the world of craft beer, Mikkeller.
A few months back, Mikkeller approved three different designs that would be used in their latest development – Canned beers.
The canning operation is being handled by Sly Fox Brewery based in the US and include three flavours: an American IPA called “Better Half, an Imperial American wit beer called “Wit Fit” and the one I’ll be trying out, an American Pilsner called “Keeper”.

Keeper has been brewed to bring new life to the “old” style American pilsner by packing lots of flavour into the brew.
It’s described as being dry and grainy with a lot of American hop flavor. I’m to expect citrus, grassy notes and passion fruit like aroma too.
Sounds like my kind of pilsner, lets pop it open and give it a go!

Keeper pours with a deep gold colour and produces quite the energetic white head. The beer itself is perfectly clear and looks really light in texture.
There is a real hop forward aroma packed into this pilsner. Lots of floral, citrus and grassy aromas really fill the nostrils aswell a subtle touch of crackers from the malt.
The power of the hops really takes over in the flavour. Putting the sweet malt flavours on the back burner for a powerfully crisp and dry bitterness.
A light to medium-light beer with lots of carbonation and bubbles to aid the texture aswell as help with the dry, crispness.
The dryness really adds a zesty tingle on the tongue which each gulp.
Keeper is an awesome American pilsner. Crisp and refreshing with plenty of bitterness and dryness to take the traditional American pilsner to its next stage of evolution.
Definitely should have bought an additional can or two!

If you have had an opportunity to try a can, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Keeper.


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