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Magic Rock Brewing – Common Grounds

Porter • 5.4 % ABV • Huddersfield, England

Next on the beery hit list is a brewery that I’m surprised I haven’t tried yet, given that their wears can be found almost in almost every bottle shop and fridge here in Cardiff.
Magic Rock Brewing Co is the brain child of three like minded people who were inspired by rapid success of the US craft beer scene as well as having a passion for great beer.
Richard Burhouse, Jonny Burhouse and Stuart Ross kicked things off in September 2010. Their own success has led to Magic Rock Brewing reaching production capacity at upwards of 70,000 litres in 2016.

The beer I’m trying was chosen after my first Beer Judge Certification Program lesson. After drinking copious amounts of common American and European Lagers, I needed something with some depth, body and flavour(!)
I chose well with Common Grounds. The addition of 7 different malts and coffees is described by Magic Rock as offering a sweet toffee, rich fruit and chocolate depth, accented with notes of vanilla, and hazelnut.
Lets crack it open!

Common Grounds is deep brown to black in colour and offers a tan head which settles down quickly. It certainly looks rich in texture on pouring.
The mixture of malts, light to dark, offer a chocolate sweetness with a hint of smokeyness.
A coffee ground aroma is present and almost certainly from the array of coffee styles used.
The malts mixed with the coffee give a surprisingly sweet yet rich chocolate flavour, whilst plying you with plenty of roast and bitterness.
Common grounds has a medium to full body with good level of carbonation to carry the flavours and is almost creamy in texture, feeling much like a frappé coffee – with a flavour to match.
I really loved this beer and was really pleased with how the flavours and aromas developed as the temperature of the beer increased. The bitterness does too, but doesn’t detract from what a great beer this was.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Common Grounds.


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