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Hitachino Nest – Amber Ale

Amber Ale • 6% ABV • Konosu, Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Time for a trip to Japan where I’ll be trying a beer from Hitachino Nest, a part of the Kiuchi Brewery who can trace their roots all the way back to 1823, where they produced sake using excess rice stocks collected from farmers as land tax.
Hitachino Beer started production in 1996 with a view to brewing their own original Japanese ideas whilst avoiding craft beer fashion. Essentially doing things their way whilst keeping with brewing heritage, passion and intuition.
You’ve got to love their trademark owl logo too!

The beer I’ll be enjoying is Hitachino Nest’s Amber ale. They describe Amber Ale as a reddish-brown beer brewed with a rich malt & bitter hops with a  well-balanced flavor and taste.
Amber Ale is brewed using American hops including Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe as well as a blend of five grains such as Pale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate and black.
I’ve had some great Hitachino beers including their spiced White Ale and a Japanese Classic Ale, so I have no doubt this will be a delight.
Time to pop it!

Amber ale is darker than I was expecting, filling the glass with an amber to brown colour and perfectly clear. An off white head formed which settled a little but held itself well on the surface.
The aroma provided lots of dark fruit and herbal hoppiness which carried over into the flavour hitting you with blackberries, caramel and treacle sweetness.
Finishing up with a lasting and smooth bitterness to round it off.
A smooth and medium bodied beer with a well-balanced flavour between the fruit, sweetness and bitterness.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Amber Ale.


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