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Good Chemistry Brewing – Advent Horizon

Strong Bitter • 5.6 % ABV • Bristol, UK

Next on the beer tasting front is a festive option from Bristol based brewers, Good Chemistry brewing. Consisting of Brewer Bob of Wiper & True Fame and Kelly, the Brewster and number cruncher.
I just missed out on their tap takeover in Brewdog, Cardiff back in November but am starting to see their brews popping up all over.

The beer I’ll be trying out is their first Christmas special, known as Advent Horizon.
Good Chemistry describe Advent Horizon as a rich stock ale for dark nights. Delivering the flavour and body of an old ale but more sessionable.
Using their handy scale found on the bottles and the website there is twice the amount of maltiness to hoppiness as well as a hearty level of sweetness and body.
Lets get the bottle open and relive the joys of Christmas!

Advent Horizon is amber brown in colour and produces a fairly small, off white head which settles quickly. I wasn’t sure if a head would form after the initial pour.
The aroma is malt forward with a balance of sweet pudding and toasted malts. A little dark fruit can also be picked up at the back. All of these aromas come together to give a Christmas pudding style finish.
The flavour matched the aroma profile really well, offering dark malts, toffee along with a touch of molasses. The dark fruit comes in towards the end and helps to balance out the malts. Finally you hit a light and spicy bitterness at the end.
A smooth and medium bodied beer with a really low carbonation level that is easy drinking.

Advent Horizon was a nice beer overall. Like a strong bitter with all the festive additions added for good measure. I just felt that the body was slightly lacking due to the low carbonation level. This is a personal preference mind and nothing against the beer at all.
I’ve head really good things about Good Chemistry and will be keeping my eyes peeled for more in their range.

If you’re based in Cardiff, you can find bottles from The Bottle Shop, Penarth. Draught beers can occasionally beers can be found in Small Bar and Brewdog too.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle or get some on tap, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Advent Horizon.


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