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Flying Dog Brewery – Raging Bitch

Czech Pilsner • 4.2 % ABV • Frederick, Maryland USA


Flying Dog brewery with their notable artwork by illustrator Ralph Steadman and the interesting beer names including Doggie Style, Pearl Necklace, Raging Bitch & Tropical bitch came to fruition in 1990 when Gerorge Stranahan & long time friend Richard Mcintyre opened their first brewpub in Woody Creek, Colorado.
Being the first brewery to open in Aspen in over 100 years, their popularity quickly grew.
The name ‘Flying Dog’ originates from when George Stranahan and a crew of 12 climbed Mount Godwin-Austen (K2), the second highest mountain in the world in 1983.
On returning to their hotel, they came across an oil painting of a dog which had “left the ground”.
Mixing their accomplishment of climbing the mountain and this painting, the term ‘Flying Dog’ stuck with them and has really helped in developing their recognizable bottle labels and logos.

In awe of this feat, it seems fitting that I should give one of Flying Dog’s mainstays a go.
Raging Bitch is a Belgian Style IPA which uses Amarillo, Columbus & Warrior hops and plenty of caramel malts to produce a beer that has a sweet malt body which offers pine & grapefruit flavours.
With Its high ABV and a good mixture of American hops I’m hoping for something that really packs a punch.

Raging Bitch is clear and medium amber in colour. On pouring, it produces an off white head which seems to stick around indefinitely and looks really inviting.
The aroma has an estery booziness typical of Belgian style beers but not as over powering as traditional variations. Sweet honey and toffee kickstart the  journey and move you swiftly into fruit and spice territory.
The hops are in charge of the flavour giving plenty of dry fruit, resin and pine leaning into a reasonably strong yet lasting bitterness. There is lightest gleam of sweetness from the malts but the hops really kick them into submission. In this case, not a bad thing at all.
A dry and well carbonated beer with plenty of bite and pack a punch it did!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Raging Bitch.


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