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Celt Experience – 614 Annees

Chocolate Rye Porter • 10 % ABV • Llandeilo, Wales

Keeping things strong and dark in a beery way, my next beer comes from a brewery who until May 2016 were producing some of my highest rated beers.
Strong was my support for Celt Experience that I had my stag do at the original brewery in Caerphilly.
Good  times, until a sudden cease in production was announced.
Here we are six months down the line and there has been a resurgence in the brand.
The Celt Experience brand is now operated by Evan Evans brewery in Llandeilo and they are bringing back a number of the classic beers as well as some new variations.
They even have Celt Brewery launch here in Cardiff to showcase some of the range on Wednesday 23rd November.
I’ll be popping along to try some out and really hope the flavours are true to the original recipes.

Going back to the original range, my next beer “614 Annees” is a collaboration beer with French brewers Brasserie St Germain based in the North of France.
This collaboration is described as being a deep rye porter, brewed with French Cascasde hops for spiciness. It also offers a sweet chocolate character.
I went as far as producing a chilli with this beer, aptly named ‘Chilli Con Porter‘.
It just so happens that I have a hearty portion defrosting as I type.
Lets pop the cap and see what its all about shall we?

614 Annees fills the glass with a beer, reddish copper in colour and perfectly clear. A light tan head which was persistent and lasted for some time after pouring.
The aroma gives just a touch of chocolate and sweet malt but pushes copious amounts of the savoury rye. A subtle hoppy aroma can be picked up when settled, but with some agitation, it brings a spicy and fruity aroma to the forefront.
The flavour starts with rich chocolatey malt flavours and progresses into a dry spiciness with a little stone fruit action.
Eventually a roast coffee flavour moves in and guides to a strong, lasting bitterness.
As the temperature increases, the hops really start to move in and challenge the malts.
This porter is full-bodied and smooth with a little graininess in the texture.
An alcohol warmth is also present in the beer which works nicely with the style and flavours.
614 Annees is a full flavoured and tasty chocolate rye porter which gives plenty of richness, complex flavours and warmth. Just a shame that this was the last bottle….. EVER!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of 614 Annees.

Meanwhile, back in the original Caerphilly brewery, Tom Newman is currently building up another project of his own with Lines Brew Co.
Here’s hoping I can get my hold on a beer or two for reviewing!


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