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Mittenwalder – Berg Pils

30th May 2016

Sticking with Mittenwalder, I’m going to try something lighter and a little more on the refreshing side. Berg Pils is their take on a pilsner which clocks in at a 4.7% ABV. Through a rough translation, I was able to get this official notation on the beer. The translation however was a little flawed. This […]

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Mittenwalder – Jager Dunkel

Its time for another  #biertaster session.  This time I’m heading to the South of Germany, to the county of Werdenfels. Here you’ll find the Mittenwalder brewery who produce a range of traditional German beers from the Dunkel to the Weisse and are apparently the highest altitude brewery still in private hands since 1808. The beer […]

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