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Brewgooder – Clean Water Lager

4th October 2016

Lager • 4.5 % ABV • Brewed at Brewdog, Aberdeenshire, Scotland My next beer has been brewed by Brewdog through the guys at Brewgooder – a team that are on a mission to provide clean water for 1,000,000 people by donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities. With the rise in popularity for craft beer, as-well […]

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To Øl – My Pils

10th July 2016

Lager • 4.0% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark Delving into my recent Beer52 delivery and enjoying the recent Mikkeller options, I pulled out a couple of bottles from To Øl who also come from Denmark. They operate as a “Gypsy Brewery”. This means that they don’t physically have their own brewery but produce their wears at breweries that have a […]

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Wooha – Lager

22nd June 2016

From the macro and to the micro with Scotland’s Wooha Brewing Company with their amusing and instantly recognisable labelling. What’s more interesting for this all female brewery is that their beers were at one point available to buy from none other than Aldi as part of a Summer Beer Festival range back in 2015. With […]

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Peroni V Menabrea

20th May 2016

Peroni has developed a huge name for itself worldwide with its Nastro Azzuro lager, launched back in 1963 being instantly recognisable in a wide range of pubs, clubs and more. With a brand so recognisable, its easy to forget that other premium beers exist and are able to offer a similarly enjoyable beverage, if not […]

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