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Honest Brew Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Winner

2nd December 2016

December has arrived in all its cold and foggy glory, but some good has come of the beginning of this festive month. We have ourselves a winner for the Honest Brew Craft Beer Advent Calendar – Now sold out and bringing joy to beer lovers the country over! The Prize was a huge craft beer […]

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Magic Rock Brewing – Common Grounds

11th October 2016

Porter • 5.4 % ABV • Huddersfield, England Next on the beery hit list is a brewery that I’m surprised I haven’t tried yet, given that their wears can be found almost in almost every bottle shop and fridge here in Cardiff. Magic Rock Brewing Co is the brain child of three like minded people who were […]

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Buxton/Lervig Breweries – Trolltunga

18th September 2016

Sour IPA • 6.3 % ABV • England/Norway With my next mixed Brewdog case on its way through the postal system, I thought it would be a good idea to work through whats been hanging around since the last box. My next beer is something a little more unusual and is part of a collaboration between Buxton Brewery […]

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Brewing at the Brains Craft Brewery

15th July 2016

As a huge fan of the beer scene from both a drinking and a homebrewing perspective, Its always been brilliant to tell people that I work in a local and well respected brewery. My roles revolves mainly around fixing computers and supporting other technical issues as opposed to working in the brewing side of things itself. […]

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