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To Øl – My Pils

Lager • 4.0% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark

Delving into my recent Beer52 delivery and enjoying the recent Mikkeller options, I pulled out a couple of bottles from To Øl who also come from Denmark.
They operate as a “Gypsy Brewery”. This means that they don’t physically have their own brewery but produce their wears at breweries that have a spare capacity.
They ensure consistency through their skills and knowledge of the brewery industry and it allows them to experiment and come up with new ways of brewing with the wide range of setups.

From To Øl, My Pils is a light lager that uses a mix Pilsner, Melanoidin, Cara Pils and Munich Malts. Hops come in the form of Amarillo & Mosaic.
By balancing these hops, To Øl have created a beer with notes of citrus which doesn’t overpower the pilsner malty flavour that you would get from a typical lager.

Bursting with energy, My Pils fills the glass with a beer of pale golden colour which forms a tall and lively white head which holds itself well and clings to the side of the glass.
The hops are really prominent in the aroma, offering lots of sharp lemon zest and grass. There is the slightest touch of sweet malt in there somewhere.
Feeling more like a pale ale than a lager, despite the range of malts used, The hops help to provide a refreshing, dry flavour with elements of peach\apricot. A smooth bitterness carries you into a malty finish and gives a lasting finish
A medium bodied beer plenty of carbonation and bubbles to carry those crisp yet fruity flavours.


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