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Founders Brewing – Centennial IPA

My next beer comes all the way from Grand Rapids, United States and from the brewery known only  as Founders Brewing Co.
With a plethora of awards under their belts including six world beer cup medals, four European Beer Star Medals and being listed in the top one hundred beers of the world on, I have some pretty high hopes for my next beer.

Centennial IPA comes in at a solid 7.2% ABV and is characterized as containing citrus accents from an abundance of dry hopping aswell as being sweet yet balanced. With a finish that never turns too bitter.
This IPA pours with a healthy amount of carbonation, filling the glass with a vibrant pale-amber beer and forming a lively off white topper which fizzles out reasonably quickly.
The powerful yet fruity aroma of apples and citrus were the first thing to hit me, along with elements of honey and flora. Not a sniff of malt through the power of the hops.
The flavour is equally as powerful aswell as uplifting with plenty of fruitiness, spice and piney notes. A Smooth number with a pleasant clean bitterness to end things on a high.

Centennal IPA is a really enjoyable beer, potent in aroma, flavour and strength.
If you love your beer strong and the flavours to boot you in the knackers with each mouthful, then you will fall in loves with this one. Love it!

If you have been lucky to enough to try a can, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Centennial IPA.


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