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White Hag Brewing Company – Red Doe

Red IPA • 4.2 % ABV • Ballymote, Ireland

White Hag Brewing Company are based in Ballymote, Ireland and get their unusual brewery name from Irish Mythology.
It was believed that the hag was involved in the harvest, the weather and creation. Deemed not just as a witch but  as mother nature herself.
They brew a range of draught and bottled beers including lagers, stouts, wits as well as herbal and spiced beers too.

Red Doe is an Irish red ale that has been hopped up to American IPA levels and includes Cascade hops.
It is described as containing rich caramel and red berry fruit notes as well as containing zesty citrus and a resinous hop bite.
I’ve not had an opportunity to try White Hag Brewing Company’s beers before, can’t wait to crack it open.

The glass filled with a rich looking beer with lots of energy on pouring. A massive off white head formed which settled fairly quickly but still leaves a lively layer of foam on the surface. The beer itself is slightly hazy with a deep amber to red colour. Its a good looking beer!
The aroma is really enticing through its offering of sweet malts and red fruits such as raspberry and strawberry.
This translates well into the flavour through the sweet caramel from the malts, leading into the big berry flavours, and ending with a dry, bitter finish.
A nicely carbonated beer with plenty of body and flavour.

Through each stage of the tasting process, Red Doe just gets better and better. Seems fitting that as it is National Beer Lovers Day today, I’ve found a new firm favourite.
Great job White Hag!

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Hop Fiction Pale Ale.


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