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Oval Beach Blonde Ale

What am I drinking?

Moving into lighter territory but sticking with the American theme, I’m heading over to Michigan and trying out an Oval Beach Blonde Ale by Saugatuck Brewing Company.
This time, a blonde beer giving yet another 5.0% volume and providing the following tasting notes:-

An easy drinking light ale with subtle malt flavours and aroma perfectly paired with a well balanced body. Oval Beach Blonde is a great everyday pint and a perfect gateway into the world of craft beer of inexperienced beer drinkers.

How was it?

Oval Beach Blonde packs plenty of energy and presents a small head which lingers around, whilst the hazy, yet golden colour of the beer teases you into believing you’re about to enjoy  a light and crisp beverage. The label certainly hints at this too.
The aroma offers a plenty of biscuit malts and light caramel which when paired with the flavour, takes you  on a ride of caramel goodness. This beer is far from light and crisp and is quite the surprise in a bottle.
If you’re a lover of golden beers and of caramel shortbread, then you are in for a treat with this little number.

My Opinion

Its not often that a beer is able to visually lead you in one direction then take your tastebuds somewhere completely different.
The golden colour of the beer and the imagery on the bottle convinced me that this was going to be a crisp yet summertime tipple.
Instead, the clever use of malts and hops as well as the richer body came together to produce what I believe to be the perfect dessert in a bottle.
Saugatuck, you done good!

If you have been lucky to enough to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Oval Beach Blonde Ale.


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