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Northern Monk – Heathen

India Pale Ale • 7.2 % ABV • Leeds, England

Time for another beer and this time a from a northern brewery, that I surprisingly have yet to try.
Northern Monk hail from Leeds and since their inception back in 2013 have produced some great looking beers, both themselves and through collaborations.
Being open to a range of brewing styles as well as having an aim to produce high quality beers using the finest ingredients, I’m expecting great things from my next beer.
Their brewery is based in a Grade II listed and also includes a tap-room known as ‘The Refectory’, giving you a chance to get in and try the beers  from source.

Heathen, my next beer is an IPA taken to the next level.
This beer starts with a simple pale malt base to offer strength, small additions of US and UK hops for a light fruity bitterness then a massive 16kg of Citra hops are added at three stages during a dry hop process.
I’m expecting Heathen to really pack a beery punch whilst offering copious amounts of citrus and tropical fruit in the aroma.
Lets crack the can open and give it a blast

Heathen fills the glass with an IPA, deep gold in colour. It produces a small white head which settles quickly whilst still remaining visible on the surface.
The beer itself is unfiltered so with the sheer amount of Citra hops in use, gives a cloudy body. This has no impact on the quality of the beer at all!
The aroma packs a punch from the initial cracking and pouring of the can. Although I’m not able to get much in the way of maltiness, there are lots of floral and citric hoppy aromas giving way to elements of orange, which more than make up for this.
Massive tropical and juicy flavours along with citrus and orange get the party started with a noticeable caramel sweetness. The hoppiness guides you to a subtle and slightly dry bitterness.The flavour is actually really clean considering the heavy body for the IPA.
Damn, its good!

Northern Monk’s Heathen met all of my expectations and then some.
An IPA which was fruity and floral body mixed with a full on juicy flavour.
A great IPA with enough uniqueness to really stand out amongst other great IPAs!

If you have had an opportunity to try a can, then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of Heathen.


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