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Mittenwalder – Berg Pils

Sticking with Mittenwalder, I’m going to try something lighter and a little more on the refreshing side. Berg Pils is their take on a pilsner which clocks in at a 4.7% ABV.

Through a rough translation, I was able to get this official notation on the beer. The translation however was a little flawed. This was translated by the Mittenwalder website software rather than Google translate or a similar service.
Have a gander at this :-

“The little bit different type of Pilsner beer. Handycraft brewed with love. mild and fine hopped taste. The creamy and fine froth and the light colour guarantee the optimal beer taste”.

Berg Pils is a lively one which offers a crisp and clear beer, light yellow in colour.
Plenty of carbonation pushed the head to good heights which lasted for some time before settling  in ready for the taste test.
An essence of recently cut grass comes from the hops with a light but sweet breadiness coming from the malts. The aroma could almost certainly rival it’s Italian counterparts really well.
Mittenwalder aren’t wrong about the creamy mouth feel which along with the carbonation really carries the grassy and citrusy flavours really well. A satisfying level of dryness then leads your taste buds into a refreshing and pleasant bitterness which leaves you wanting for more.

Berg Pils is another gem from Mittenwalder which bottle by bottle, affirms my need to try more!
Its a light and refreshing beer which would be perfect for one of those lazy summer days.
Something different from the usual big names, I think that this would make a great alternative.

If you have been lucky to enough to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Berg Pils.


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