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Mikkeller – Vesterbro Wit

Wit Beer • 4.5% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark


Sticking with Mikkeller and yet another beer from my recent Beer52 delivery.
On top of their ability to produce outstanding and interesting beers, the artwork that sums up Mikkeller is really something else too.
The artist\designer & full time art director for Mikkeller, Keith Shore is responsible for the vibrant and unusual artwork which helps to build on the vision that Mikkeller are going with the beers.
Along with the some of the smaller pieces within Ferment (Beer52’s monthly magazine) it is also possible to buy prints and originals direct from Mikkeller too.
I can’t help but think of Lemon Grab from Adventure Time whenever I’m face to face with Mikkeller beer label. Is that just me?

Vesterbro Wit is another staple found at the Mikkeller bar detailed as house beer number two. This time the flavours should air more on the sharper side of the fruit spectrum with citrus and orange with a coriander \ lemon aroma.
That’s enough writing, Its taste time!

Light golden in colour with a touch of haze, Vesterbro Wit produces a small white head which hangs around for some time.
Citrus aromas kick things off from opening but as the beer starts to warm, it mellows to offer a little coriander.
The beer is smooth through and through, starting with the citrussy Lemon & orange flavours which moves quickly into a lightly bittered flavour and ends with a pleasant wit beer tang.
More sessionable than some of the fuller wit beers our there and pretty tasty.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Vesterbro Wit.


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