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Liefmans – Fruitesse on the Rocks

Fruit Beer • 3.8% ABV • Oudenaarde, Belgium

The sun is baking at a high 28° and everyone looks to be doing every thing they can to keep themselves cool whilst enjoying the awesome weather.

Me on the other hand, I’m sat stuck on the sofa nursing sore back after a pretty bad fall at a recent metal concert.
Thankfully, help is on hand in the form of a Liefmans Fruitesse. It just so happens that this fruit beer was recommended with plenty of ice. Something to cool me down whilst I slowly bake to death on the sofa.

Liefmans Brewery was formed in Belgium back in 1679 where they brewed traditional Belgian and wheat beers. Cherries started hitting their maturation tanks in around the 1900’s where farmers would bring excess crops to Liefman’s where they would be exchanged for beer.
Thanks to a Rosa Merckx, The cherry beer became very popular and as a result, her signature can be be found on bottle wrapped up in the traditional tissue paper used back in the day.
Due to bankruptcy, Liefmans were bought taken over by Duvel Moortgat in 2008.
A re-profiling and relaunch took place but they still stuck with producing the Liefmans fruit beer and continued with the tradition of wrapping each of the bottles in tissue paper.

Fruitesse itself is described as being a blend of beers, ripened on real cherries and blended with the natural fruit juices of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, billberry & elderberry.
The resulting beer should be refreshing, fruity, sweet and sparkling but should also be enjoyed with ice according the the guys at Bierkeller which is just what I’m going to do.
Fruitesse can also be used in a number of cocktails.

With a massive chunk of ice popped in the glass and the bottle poured, A beer of deep red started to top it up. The ice reacted with the beer producing lively pink topper with lots of sparkling bubbles.
A traditional cherryade aroma quickly hit my nostrils from both the bottle and the glass.
Plenty of fruitiness but nothing in the way of malts or hops. Don’t let this put you off as up to this point things were looking and smelling really good.
The flavour surprised me the most with its powerful berry fruit flavour. It had a touch of sweet and plenty of tartness which was nice and sharp.
Overall, Fruitesse was light yet smooth, crisp and refreshing.
I was expecting something more on the lines of a Bulmers or a Kopparberg but this was really pleasant and something I would definitely have out & about at 28°.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Fruitesse on the Rocks.


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