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Harknott Brewery – Brownian Motion

Porter • 4.5% ABV • Millom, England

Next in the tasting line is a beer from Hardknott brewery.
Their name comes from Hardknott Pass in the Lake District which is known as one of Britain’s most challenging roads. This being the result of its steep assents, descents and sharp turns.
The brewery was originally located at the Wolf Pack in Hardknott Pass back in 2005 using a two barrel plant but have since moved to Millom.
Their aim is to make the most stunning beers that have ever come from the Western lakes.

Tasting notes aren’t readily available online, with the only details describing my next beers style as a salted smoked porter.
Their more mainstream styles can be bought from local supermarkets including Morrisons as part of their 4 for £6 range.
Time to Crack it open!

Brownian Motion pours with plenty of energy creating lots of bubbly action which rises up the glass. A small tan head forms which quickly settles leaving a fine layer of foam on top.
The aroma piles on plenty of roast malts and nuttiness with burst of smokiness.
This gives a warming and pleasant sensation as you breathe it in.
In terms of flavour, bitter and roasted malts are the first thing to hit you followed by a smooth smokiness. This leads into a salty and bitter finish which lingers as you devour your mouthful.
The overall porter was lighter in body than I was expecting.
My personal feeling is that a richer body would really help to carry the flavours and give more oomph to the overall mouth feel.

The bottle itself was packed almost to the brim which was great to see.
Brownian Motion would be the perfect place to start if you had an interest in trying a smokey beer and didn’t want anything that push your taste buds to the limit straight off.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Brownian Motion.


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