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Fourpure Brewing Co. – Skyliner Wheat

Wheat Ale • 4.8 % ABV • Bermondsey, England

Time for a beer from one of my recent favourites in the UK brewing scene – Fourpure.
I had an opportunity to chat with the team from Fourpure during Cardiff’s Brewfest back in August, where I had a taster and a chat about their Outpost series.
The sampler on offer was their Bermondsey Mule Grisette which was brewed using ginger and lime balanced out with plenty of malt goodness.
Their 100 litre pilot kit allows them the opportunity to experiment and come up with some more unusual and exciting beer styles.

Skyliner Wheat is my next beer and is described a classic Bavarian Wheat beer brewed London style with aromas of cloves and banana bread along with a gentle malt body and a refreshing finish.
Let’s crack this bad boy open and see what it’s all about!

The beer itself is a cloudy golden colour which produces a small white head that settles rather quickly, to the point that there isn’t a bubble in sight.
The aroma is made up of wheat, banana esters and a nutmeg spiciness which is really fragrant and balanced.
The flavour balances the wheat and the banana flavours really well and finishes up with a low hop bitterness as well as a slightly bitter\zesty flavour too.
Skyliner Wheat is light in body with just a touch of carbonation which delivers a refreshing and crisp beer. Its an easy drinker too!

If you have had an opportunity to try a can, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Skyliner Wheat.


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