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Einstök Ölgerð – Einstök Icelandic White Ale

Wit Beer • 5.2% ABV • Akureyri, Iceland

I’m going through something of a Wheat (Wit) beer phase at the moment. Having had the Opal Cloudy Wheat on the weekend & Vesterbro Wit last week.
To believe there was actually a time when I couldn’t really stomach anything more than traditional beer styles. How times have changed!

My next beer comes all the way from Iceland and is brewed by Einstök Ölgerð based 60 miles South of the Arctic Circle where the water is pure as anything you can get your hands on. In fact, Its described as being the purest water on Earth.
From Porters to Pales as well as a range of fruity seasonals, your almost certain to find something that suits your palette. All Einstök beers are completely Vegan friendly too.

Icelandic White Ale is brewed following centuries old Belgian Tradition and should contain the classic flavours associated with a Wit Beer including orange peel and coriander. Apparently, the pure Icelandic water delivers a cool smoothness that is both flavourful and refreshing.
Anyone else feeling a little thirsty?

One crack of the lid and a pouring of the bottle revealed a pale gold beer which formed a fairly small head which dissipated quickly. The beer itself was crystal clear which I found pretty unusual for a Wit Beer. This changed when I poured what was left of the sediment into the glass producing a touch of haze.
The subtle combination of coriander & orange produced an almost oceanic fragrance in the beer which was unexpected but not necessarily unpleasant.
I was able to get a hint of that traditional wit beer flavor though this was subtle and seemed to be more at an accessible level where a wider crowd might enjoy the flavour.
As a result of the oceanic aroma, I swear my first and foremost taste contained mineral qualities?
Icelandic White Ale is nice beer, light and crisp. It would be a good place for the unseasoned palate to begin if looking to try something in the Wit spectrum of flavour. I would personally prefer something with more body and oomph in a Wit Beer.
A nice beer

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Icelandic White Ale.


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