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Dockyard Distillers – Bootlegger Prohibition Beer

I’ve had this bottle of Bootlegger Prohibition Beer in my fridge for some time now and honestly I’ve been a somewhat afraid of cracking it open and giving it a taste.
Its one of those beers that you find in the craft section of your favourite supermarkets and is overshadowed by the Hardknotts, Brewdogs and Celts who we know produce quality tipples.
This bottle came courtesy of Bierkellers Around The World bar.

I have nowhere to hide. The bottle has been cracked and the beer poured.
Lets see what its all about shall we?

Original Taste Bootlegger Prohibition Beer comes in and 5.5% ABV and is apparently a genuine old fashioned apple brew with white grain spirit flavour by Dockyard Distillers.
Try as I might, I’ve been unable to find a website or social link anywhere to get a little background into their brewing practices.

Bootlegger poured much like a typical apple-ade and came complete with a traditional matching aroma. Due to the way it poured, it didn’t really produce a head in the same way as a typical beer but it did offer a little lacing which sat around the edge of the glass until the first sip.
Imagine your morning glass of apple juice, add a touch of fizz and you have your colour to a tee.
The flavour is a mixture of extreme sweet with a touch of sour which made the beverage feel more alchopop than beer. Imagine a slightly flat appetizer and you’re on the right track.
Have you noticed the strong underlying theme with this one?

Bottlegger Prohibition Beer only cemented my fears for what I was letting myself in for.
If it were packaged up and sold as an apple flavoured alchopop, consumers wouldn’t bat an eyelid.
I love a good fruity beer or sour option but this was just too sickly sweet and synthetic flavoured for my liking.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Bootlegger Prohibition Beer.


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