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The Celt Experience – Silures

Sticking with Celt beer and moving onto beer number two as part of my Wednesday #biertaster session.
This time I’ll be trying the more sessionable Silures at 4.6%. One more firm favourite of mine from Celt and another IPA which has been infused with pine as well as being powerfully hopped god damn it!

What have you got to say for yourself, Celt?

“Powerfully hopped and adjusted with sweet munich malt, spruce tips and a depth of tropical fruit aroma dry hops.
Silures were a powerful Celtic tribe from today’s South Wales and stood tall against Roman Invasion”.

Slightly lighter on the scale in terms of colour, Silures edges more towards the deep straw side of things with more unfiltered hazy action. The beer poured with a lot of energy resulting a large white heady top which lingers and laces, exactly as you would expect a quality beer to do.
The aroma is sharp, zesty and tangy, airing more on the lemony side of citrus. The Spuce tips take this fruity yet lemony aroma to a whole new level.
Silures and its light to medium body gives a touch of sweetness before zapping you with plenty of sharp, tangy bitterness which lasts & lasts.
The bitterness may be a bit much for some but works perfectly for my dry loving pallete.
It may be sessionable in ABV but It’s big on flavour.

The thing I love about Celt beers is that they aren’t afraid to break with tradition and take things to a new level.
Whether it be bringing elements of mead together with beer as with The Clas, loading a literal ton of fruit into a saison as with Home of the Fruitcakes or in the case of Silures, packing a beer with plenty of hops then Spruce tips.
Celt prove that there is more to beer than traditional grain, hop and yeast combinations.

Did I mention that The Celt Experience also have a bowling alley at their brewery?

If you have been lucky to enough to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Silures.


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